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 About Therapy

My goal is to help you to trust yourself and your emotional process more deeply as a path toward healing. I am focused on what works best for you as we come to understand what you need from therapy and what may be in the way of living your life to the fullest.

The therapeutic relationship is unique in that it allows you a safe place to explore thoughts and emotions without judgment. I encourage you to allow me to act as an experienced guide to assist in identifying what is needed to help you reach your goals.

For couples, I am a support to both partners. I do not take sides. I encourage kindness and honesty and learning to communicate with each other in ways that promote connection and deeper understanding. Negative emotions are viewed as guideposts identifying things that get in the way of intimacy and meeting each other’s deepest needs. We identify the negative cycle together and learn new ways of self-expression and fulfillment in relationships. Often this involves one or both partners seeking individual therapy. If that is the case I am able to provide a list of skilled therapists for a referral.

I am available to discuss your needs by phone and have flexible scheduling for my clients.